Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Things I'm Loving Right Now!

I am just blessed beyond words! Even though things might not exactly be going the way I'd like them to, there are so many things that make me happy. It's always the simple things! :)

Here's just a few from my recent list:

My quilt....there's nothing like curling up on the couch with it after a long day at work.

My Small Group Girls....they're awesome, hands down. They help keep me young, accountable, and the want to learn more.

Devotion Time....Some of my favorite reading and alone time in the day.

Holding Hands....I just love that heart jumping feeling.

My Friends....wouldn't be who I am without them.

My Camelback...it's always with me and keeps me hydrated!

Strawberries.....best snack ever

M&Ms....best snack when I don't have/want strawberries

Pictures....they always help me remember the good times

A Song on my ipod....there's multiple songs that put a spring in my step every time they're on.

Reality TV....It helps me feel normal. :)

Mail....real mail, not an email...it's just so much more exciting!


  1. love your blogs and LOVE your sweet music :) i'm keeping your blog up just so I can listen!