Monday, April 30, 2012

Who Doesn't Love Shopping?

Where else can you get to hang out with all of your friends, eat snacks, smell yummy smells, try on cute jewelry, learn how to take care of your skin and feel blankets so soft you want to wrap yourself up?

Join us for a home party featuring:

Scentsy ( and Velata ( Laura Kessler
Stella and Dot ( -Brittany Parish
Private Quarters - Shari Kimbro
Rodan+Fields - Kim Metcalf (

The party will be TOMORROW, May 1st at my parents house.  They live off of Britton Road between Rockwell and MacArthur.  They're address is 9501 Ritter Road, OKC, 73162.  It's come and go from 6 to 8:30pm.  Come say hi, eat some snacks, and mingle with friends!

***Remember Mothers Day, Graduation and wedding season is just around the corner! What a perfect opportunity to find gifts for everyone on your list in just one place!***

I personally am VERY excited about the launch of Velata....a fondue pot!  It is seriously the CUTEST thing I've ever seen!

The pot is used very much like the Scentsy Wax...only it's CHOCOLATE!

You put the chocolate in your dish...then enjoy!  Here are the two awesome things about it:
1.  When you're done just throw it in your dishwasher... clean up with chocolate couldn't be easier.
2.  Maybe you didn't use it all?  Just put a lid on it and throw it in the refrigerator to use next time!

I have a fondue put and I really like it, but I love that Velata is easy clean up, especially after a fun get together with friends!

It comes with 4 fun forks to use as well!  Here's a little peek!

I'd love to have you come and hang out if nothing else!!

Hope you see you there.  Let me know if you have any questions.  623.9873

One Year of Love

As of yesterday I have been married for a year!  WHAT?  It seriously has gone by so fast I can't believe it's actually here and gone.

This has been a really great year full of learning and loving and everything in between.
Due to the craziness this time of the year Brian and I went up to Tulsa for our anniversary!  It was seriously so much fun.  It's been so long since we got away together without family or a dog. 

We had no plans, time schedule and just spent time driving around and enjoying our time together.  We ate at places we've never been before, minus McDonald's breakfast and bought shoes and clothes just because we could.
Sunday morning we got up and went to this cute little park by our hotel. (Side note, parks in Tulsa are so much nicer than our parks here)  We started The Love Dare.  I'm really excited for this journey with Brian.  I think we are both going to grow a lot from it.  We sat next to a lake with geese that would just walk right up to you!  It was really fun until it started to rain. :)

After the park we spent the remainder of the afternoon at the Oklahoma Aquarium.  If you haven't ever gone I recommend it...especially if you have small kids.  It's really interactive.  You're able to touch so much weird things! 

We waited until we got home to open our presents just so we didn't have to lug them all the way to Tulsa and back.  Brian did give me 2-60 minute massages to use while we were in Tulsa... I'm pretty pumped about using those! :)  He also got me a cute new coach purse.  It's a light gray when a fun mixture of patterns and fabric!  LOVE it.  B is a HUGE Boston Red Sox fan so I got him a new shirt and packaged it in a box with a Save the Date at the bottom for the game in July when they play the Rangers in Arlington!  He was so excited!

It was overall an incredible weekend and I am so blessed to be married to such a perfect person for me!  I can't to see where the years take us!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Lillie Baby

A couple weeks ago Brian and I had a great opportunity to watch our niece Lillie!  She's 5 1/2 months old and just pure sweetness.
We were talking about how we hope our baby is as mild mannered as this child.  She's super chill and only gets fussy when she's hungry or sleepy.

We were a little worried about how Millie would do with her.  She's only been around one other baby, my cousin Aubrey.  But Aubrey is 1, and bigger and not easily stepped on. :)  We eased her in to this by taking her outside first and smelling one of Lillie's blankets.  Once we let her in she did pretty good.  She really just wanted to be in her face the whole time licking on her.  Luckily Jon'Erik and Kaylee have a yellow lab as well so Lillie hardly noticed.  The rest of the weekend Millie hardly left her side.  Where Lillie went, Millie went too!
The little angel slept for 7 hours which made me very happy!!

The rest of the time with her was just so fun to hang out and play with her!  She's getting into the super fun age that she'll "talk" back and pays more attention to what you're saying to her.
I was proud of my husband.  He successfully changed his first diaper and even fed her a couple different times.
Saturday afternoon we went on a walk around the block!  Sis couldn't handle all the excitement and went to sleep instantly!  When we got back I was nervous she was going to be too hot so I took her dress off and made Brian give her water!
 Her constant talking warms my heart!!!!  She's going to have such a sweet little voice!
Like I said Millie was very intrigued with her and she liked Millie too!
I'm ready to see her this next weekend!  I hate not getting to see her as often as I'd like!!

Aren't nieces and nephews the best?