Wednesday, February 3, 2010

How Old Are We?

I'd like to put a little warning on this blog before I begin to write it. I'm just so full of frustration right now I feel like cannot even think straight so it might be all over the place.

Please tell me why on EARTH guys think it is okay to have a serious conversation, or a "I don't want to date you" conversation on FACEBOOK?!??!?!

Is it that men, or should I say boys have become such cowards that they can't even get the balls to have a face to face conversation, or even a phone conversation. Instead they have to hide behind the so called social technology in order to avoid embarassment? The awkward situation? The ability to get out of it easier? What?

I for one have become very frustrated today with this lack of maturity and disappointed that someone 22 years old that I thought was better than that turns out to be just like every other boy I've met.

And even though I'd like to say that I am not saddened by the situation to not date someone really awesome I'm more sad and disappointed that it couldn't be handled in a way that was more respectful of my feelings.

That's really all I have to say. Goodnight.

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