Thursday, March 22, 2012

Scentsy Recipes

I promise not every post will be about Scentsy.  I just had to share this greatness with those of you that like to mix and match your scents!

Just mix equal portions unless noted otherwise.  I've highlighted the ones in green that I've tried and loved. :)

Angel Food Cake: Sugar Cookie + Satin Sheets
Anxiety Gone: Enchanted Mist + French Lavender (x2)
Apple Pie A la Mode: Baked Apple Pie + Vanilla Cream
Autumn Swim: Autumn Sunset + Skinny Dippin’
Baby Lullaby: French Lavender + Newborn Nursery
Berry Blast: Black Raspberry Vanilla + Snowberry (x2)
Berry Nose Best: Camu Camu + Black Raspberry Vanilla
Bird of Paradise: Enchanted Mist + Sugar Cookie
Blue Hawaii: Ocean+ Paradise Punch
Blueberry Buckle: Blueberry Cheesecake + Home Sweet Home
Blueberry Cream: Blueberry Cheesecake + Vanilla Cream
Breezy Day at Sea: Ocean + Thunderstorm
Bubblegum: Skinny Dippin' + Clove and Cinnamon
Cabana Boy: Havana Cabana + Echo
Cactus Juice: White Tea & Cactus + Coconut Lemongrass
Camu Over Here: Flirtatious + Camu Camu
Cancun: Sunkissed Citrus + Perfectly Pomegranate + Skinny Dippin
Chocolate Chip Cookies: Sugar Cookie + Mochadoodle
Cinnamon Creamer: Cinnamon Bear + Vanilla Cream
Cinnamon Nut Cookies: Sticky Cinnamon Bun + Sugar Cookie
Citrus Berry: Snowberry + Sunkissed Citrus
Citrus Sheets: Satin Sheets + Paradise Punch
Coconut Paradise: Paradise Punch + Coconut Lemongrass
Conservative Flirt: Vanilla Cream + Flirtatious
Country Lodge: Vanilla Suede + Home Sweet Home
Cowgirl: Weathered Leather + Hendrix
Creamy Lifesaver: Vanilla Cream + Paradise Punch
Cuddle With Me: Enchanted Mist + Flirtatious + Lucky In Love
Dark Rainy Days: Clean Breeze + Home Sweet Home + Thunderstorm
Doodle Bear: Mochadoodle + Cinnamon Bear
Enchanted Evening: Enchanted Mist + Home Sweet Home
Enchantress: Flirtatious + Enchanted Mist
Energizer: Snowberry + Coconut Lemongrass
Escape Far Away: Camu Camu + Pima Cotton
Exotic Romance - French Kiss + Satin Sheets (x2)
Fall Beach: Autumn Sunset + Coconut Lemongrass
French Martini: Black Raspberry Vanilla + Sunkissed Citrus
French Toast: Sticky Cinnamon Bun + Vanilla Cream
Fresh Laundry: Clean Breeze + French Lavender
Fruit Cake: Clove & Cinnamon + Sunkissed Citrus + Honey Pear Cider
Fruity Patootie: Perfectly Pomegranate + Paradise Punch
Gingerbread: Cozy Fireside + Sugar cookie
Grandma's House: Pumpkin Roll + Cinnamon Vanilla
Greek Getaway: Flirtatious + Mediterranean Spa
Harvest Delight: Clove & Cinnamon + Sunkissed Citrus + Vanilla Cream
Harvest Loaf: Pumpkin Roll + Clove & Cinnamon + Cinnamon Vanilla
Hawaiian Volcano: Cinnamon Bear + Havana Cabana
He Said, She Said: Simply Irresistible + Lucky in Love + Satin Sheets
Holiday Wassail: Clove & Cinnamon + Sunkissed Citrus + Baked Apple Pie
Honeymoon: Havana Cabana + Lucky in Love
Hot Blueberry Muffin: Blueberry Cheesecake + Sugar Cookie
Hot Havana: Enchanted Mist + Havana Cabana
Hunky Lifeguard: Ocean + Simply Irresistible
Ice Cream Cone: Camu Camu + Vanilla Cream (x2)
Lemon Cookie: Sugar Cookie + Coconut Lemongrass
Lemon Meringue Pie: Coconut Lemongrass + Cinnamon Vanilla
Lots of Sunkisses: French Lavender + Sunkissed Citrus
Love Waves: Ocean + Lucky in Love
Lover's Lane: Lucky in Love + Route 66
Mama's Cookin': Baked Apple Pie + Pumpkin Roll
Mama's Pumpkin Pie: Clove & Cinnamon + Pumpkin Roll
Mediterranean Raspberry: Mediterranean Spa + Black Raspberry Vanilla
Midnight Stroll: Autumn Stroll + Midnight Fig
No More Irritability 2: Lucky in Love + French Lavender
No Place Like Home: Home Sweet Home + Vanilla Cream
Ocean Mister: Enchanted Mist + Ocean
Passion on Fire: Lucky in Love + Cinnamon Bear
Peach Cinnamon Cobbler: Peach a la Mode + Clove & Cinnamon
Peach Cobbler: Peach a la Mode + Sticky Cinnamon Bun
Pink Alligator: Camu Camu + Sugar Cookie + Paradise Punch
Pomegranate Waves: Ocean + Perfectly Pomegranate
Pumpkin Pie: Sugar Cookie + Pumpkin Roll
Pumpkins by the Fire: Cozy Fireside + Pumpkin Roll
Raspberry Vanilla Kisses: French Kiss + Black Raspberry Vanilla
Restful Sleep: French Lavender + Vanilla Cream
Simply A Flirt: Flirtatious + Simply Irresistible
Skinny Dipper: Skinny Dippin’ + Perfectly Pomegranate
Snickerdoodle: Cinnamon Bear + Sugar Cookie
Snuggle Up: Satin Sheets + Camu Camu
Some Enchanted Evening: Enchanted Mist + Welcome Home
Spiced Punch: Perfectly Pomegranate + Cinnamon Bear
Spicy Pumpkin: Cinnamon Bear + Pumpkin Roll
Spring Love: Echo + Black Raspberry Vanilla
Spring Break:  Camu Camu + Beach + Coconut Lemongrass
Strawberry Ice Cream: Simply Strawberry +Vanilla Cream (x2)
Still a Whiteout:Whiteout + Be Still (x2)
Summer Lovin’: Skinny Dippin’ + French Kiss + Satin Sheets
Summer to Fall: Coconut Lemongrass + Honey Pear + Cinnamon Bear
Sun Kissed Dippin’: Sunkissed Citrus + Skinny Dippin’
Sunkissed Punch: Sunkissed Citrus + Paradise Punch
Sweet Cabana: Sweet Pea & Vanilla + Havana Cabana
Sweet Dreams: Black Raspberry Vanilla + Vanilla Cream + Baked Apple Pie
Sweet Kisses: French Kiss + Vanilla Cream
Sweet Pea & Pomegranate: Sweet Pea & Vanilla + Perfectly Pomegranate
Sweetheart's Delight: Lucky in Love + Sweet Pea & Vanilla
Tropical Paradise: Coconut Lemongrass + Skinny Dippin'
True Passion: Cucumber Lime + Paradise Punch
Two Peas in a Pod: Sweet Pea & Vanilla + Home Sweet Home
Vanilla Latte: Mochadoodle + Vanilla Cream
Warm Coffee: Cozy Fireside + Mochadoodle
Welcome Sweet Apple: Welcome Home + Sugar Cookie + Baked Apple Pie 
White Chocolate Mocha: Mochadoodle + Hazelnut Latte

There's also a new "trend" going on.  Scentsy has worked with experts to come up with what is the trend scent of the even things you'll see popping up in perfumes.  Remember what Lucky was big?  or Gap Blue?  Love Spell?  It's because those were Scent trends...oh the many things you can learn.

Anyways, the new scent trend of the year is Pink Pepper.  And it smells very....strong.  But, when mixed with another scent is works to create something wonderful!  I haven't had a chance to try it yet, but I'm hoping to soon!

What scents do you like to mix together?

Let me know if you need anything!

Monday, March 12, 2012


About a month ago I started selling Scentsy!

I've loved Scentsy for years and have a warmer in almost every single room in our house, and in my office at work!

So maybe it seems like I jumped on this selling band wagon a little late, but I did not! Carolyn Jaggers contacted me right after Christmas about something HUGE that was coming out and she knew that I would love to be a part of it....and boy did I ever!

If you haven't heard about it yet, let me introduce you to VELATA.

Velata is a Fondue Pot!  It works exactly just like a Scentsy warmer does...light bulb, cute pot, but instead of putting wax in, you're putting CHOCOLATE in to a silicon dish that makes for easy easy clean up!

I haven't received mine yet, but I will soon and everyone else will be able to order one on May 1st.

If you're like me and have lots of little get-togethers and parties I think you'll love this perfect little pot!  I can't wait to start giving them away as Wedding presents! :)

I'd love to have a party for you and give you the opportunity to order Velata as well as many of the other fabulous Scentsy products! I'm taking bookings now, especially for after the May 1st sell date of Velata.  I'd love for you to be able to host a party, and be able to get these new products for half price!

Here's a little sneak peak:
Feel free to check out my website to order or to look at some of the new stuff available.  Another new addition to the Scentsy line is Layers, which is lotions, perfumes, and body smells so yummy!  There's also a new boy smell...Zeppelin.  Oh my.  It's awesome!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Weight Loss

Here's the thing.  I don't think I'm super overweight.  Yes, I have gained those few extra pounds over the years and not to mention the many more that I gained after falling blissfully in love, but according to the height vs. weight chart I should be at LEAST 20 pounds smaller than I, that's my goal!

3 weeks ago I did it.  I joined Weight Watchers.

I'm going to meetings on Tuesdays at 7AM...yes it's early, but yes, I need the accountability.  My mom is doing it with me too!  I'm glad she is because if not I think I would just give up!

When I sat in that first meeting I was super overwhelmed.  I had seen my mom do Weight Watchers a few times over the years but the idea was just so foreign to me.

Once I caught on, it all became so much easier and now I'm able to easily be like oh that's 3 points without having to look up things on my phone!

So, in the last 3 weeks, this is what I've realized.

1. I don't really want to lose weight just to lose it.  I've realized I just need to be a more healthier version of myself...not worrying about what the scale number is.

2. Some people in these meetings have SERIOUS food addictions.

3. My favorite Sandwich a Schlotzsky's (Small Original) is 15 points!..Won't be eating that anytime soon.

4. 12 M&M's = 1... YAY!

5. Now that I'm filling my body with things that are better for me (more fruits and veggies) I'm not hungry randomly in the afternoon anymore.

6. My clothes already feel a little bit loose!

7. You get these "extra" points to eat every day and can even gain activity points but I feel like they're cheating a little bit....I just try to stick to my 26!

So far I've lost just a little over 5 pounds...I weigh in again in the morning, so we'll see where it goes from there!!

Anyone else do Weight Watchers and have any tips?