Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Meet My Boyfriend!

I'd like to introduce you to Mr. Brian Kessler! He is hands down the sweetest, most patient, most respectful, most giving boy I have ever been around! He treats me like a princess which I most definitely like.

We met in April while I was talking to his cousin Mallory at church. I told her I was interested and for 2 months we tried meeting and getting together but it never worked out. I began to think he was a figment of my imagination since I'd only seen him once! But it all finally worked out and we got to go out! We clicked instantly and I haven't looked back!!

Brian works for his grandparents company, Pioneer Equipment Rental LLC. He's currently at the Durant store but will soon be transferring back to the Lawton store, which I enjoy because it's closer to me!

We don't get to see each other much during the week because he's far away so Saturdays have become my favorite days of the week and I've come to dread Sunday nights...but such is life! We're definitely learning patience and what it fully means to wait on God's timing.

This past weekend we went to Ponca City and spent time with his family. We were supposed to go to the lake but only got in about 2 hours on Sunday because of the rain. :( It was an absolutely fantastic trip and I can't wait to take more of them with him.

He has the coolest Hazel-green eyes with a touch a brown. I love them! He also has deep dimples that I think are the most precious things!

He definitely makes me smile a lot, feel really awesome about myself, and I could make the list go on and on but I won't! :) I feel very blessed that he's in my life and I thank God everyday for allowing our paths to cross!

For those of you that are wondering I will still update my Search for Mr. Right blog from time to time...I mean the stories there can go on and on! I did just update it this morning with another story from another loser...Click HERE! :)


  1. I love him already and I haven't even met him! :)

  2. um SO HAPPY FOR YOU LAURA!!!!!!! score!! he is super duper cute :) ya'll look perfect already ;)