Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Temporary Vacation

It's been weeks since I have blogged! I've missed it so much. Every morning I would come in to work, catch up on the days blogs, write my own and do it all over again the next day.

Things have been dramatically different the last Month. My last day working at Reaching Our City (ROC) was May 21st. For those of you that know I was so ready for a change and was beyond ecstatic to try something new! My last day was very bitter sweet.

That next week I traveled to El Paso, Texas for Youth in Mission training camp. YIM is an organization that I am ridiculously passionate about. I love missions. I wish that I had the money to travel all over the world to lots of different places and share the love of God with so many people... but....I can't so helping to train and prepare teams for that works for me! :) I have met some of the most amazing people because of YIM, people that I am so lucky to call my friends! We only see each other about once a year but we always just pick right back up where we left off. Late night coffee runs and talks make for an incredible week!!

After that I had about a week to lay by the pool everyday....you better believe I was doing that! I LOVE LOVE LOVE laying in the hot sun....like I'm not sure words can describe how much I love laying there sweating to death! haha

I worked our VBS at church and was the 5th grade coordinator. OH MY....so different than my high schoolers. It definitely made me miss 16 year olds!

I did a 2 week Intense Sculpt bootcamp. It was KILLER the first couple of days. I don't think I've ever been more sore in my entire life. I would drip buckets of sweat and probably smelled awful too! BUT...it was completely worth it. It was really fun and by the time it was over I could tell I was much stronger, much more motivated and realized that I had tons of inner strength. LOVE it. Now, I just have to keep up with what I need to do. They have mentioned doing another one in the fall and I'm more than game to do it again! Any of you are more than welcome to join me!

I also spent a week at NWO church camp! It was a very unexpected, like I found out the day before. It was fantastic though. I spent the week with 7th graders....which is VERY different than high schoolers. They are just such a different challenge but a good challenge. They are still so young and are wanting to know so much about life. I love my high schoolers though and was very proud of my sophomore girls that finally got what I have been trying to get them to figure out all year! It made this momma very proud! :)

And the last thing I'm most happy about is a special boy in my life, Brian! He most definitely deserves his own post which I plan on writing soon but for now I'll just say that he makes me very happy! :)

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