Friday, July 16, 2010

Blessings From Above

This morning I got up and went on a walk.
Please keep in mind I am in no way, shape, or form a morning person. I loathe them actually and many times avoid them at all cost! :)

Last night I went to a one night class of bootcamp at Cadence Yoga. It was motivation class for all of us since we haven't done it in about a month. I LOVED it. I don't so much love it while I'm there but I always feel ridiculously awesome when I'm done.

I leave for my cruise in about 160days. While I don't think I'm necessarily fat I think that I would much like to get the extra 25 pounds that have soaked in on my body during and post college.....

So, that leads me to needing to work out more, etc. I began this morning with a 2 mile walk followed by pushups and sit-ups. You can give me props for doing these activities but waking was not easy, in fact I had to have Brian call and make sure I was awake or else I wouldn't do it. I just can't keep myself accountable in the mornings.

All of that to say, this is not the purpose of todays blog but I will keep you updated on my fitness progress.

As I started off on my walk I started with my "Walk it Out" playlist which consists of loud, fast music but about a block in to it I was like No...I'm switching to my Jesus playlist. About halfway through Kari Jobe Revelation song and right about the climax of the song my ipod died. BUT...for some reason I didn't really care. I just took my earbuds out and walked in silence, praying and thanking God for his wonderful creation. I was able to say hello to the neighbors I passed and even talked to a 10 year old neighbor boy for 5 minutes about his new puppy.

As I walked and prayed I just thanked God for everything in my life that he has blessed me with, and prayed for individuals that mean so much to me. I quickly came up with my Friday Five and many more. I basked in the cool morning with the warming sun and took in the sounds of birds, and smell of grass! Mmmm....perfect!

A few months ago I was just frustrated with everything that was happening in my life. I hated my job, my living situation wasn't great, and I was ready for a relationship that would rock my world! I'd spend time in prayer and became more frustrated at the waiting and dragging of everything around me. But in May things began to turn around, I landed an INCREDIBLE job that I am BEYOND blessed to have, my roommate situation changed, and God put Brian in my life! I've got the house, job, and boy...that's all I need, right? :)

I do realize though that none of things things are possible without God and without the amazing amounts of love that he has so graciously lavished on me.

I have scripture different places in my room and bathroom and I try to change them out often but the one hanging on my mirror is one of my favorites. It's Psalm 90:14,
Satisfy us in the morning with your unfailing love,
that we may sing for joy and be glad all our days.

Starting my morning this way was perfect for me. It also allowed me a little more time for breakfast and a morning devotional before heading to work. By doing this I just feel so much more blessed by the things around me and try to push the little irritations aside. :)

I may not be doing it everyday though, although I sure am going to try even if it's enjoying evenings on the swings at the park. I just know that it is amazing way to start the day soaking in God's amazing glory.

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