Friday, April 2, 2010

Memory Lane

I'm not sure how to really start this entry except to say that I just have so much to be thankful for. The thought behind this came to me the other day when I was trying to find an old picture. I started scrolling through Facebook and began reminiscing old memories! So, below I have just included a few of my most favorite memories while I was in college. I am beyond blessed to have been a part of so many wonderful things and am even more blessed by the friendships I have made. I hope you find this as wonderful and entertaining as I did. :)
Sara and I participated in a medical study. We were hooked up with wires, we look funny but we made lots of money! :)

Rock Climbing at OKC ROCKS!

Gresh and I at Graduation.

Amazing Friends! Crazy that we graduated

We always participated in activities that included food!

My other family that I care so deeply for!

Mason Clay made his entrance in to this world...I'm one proud Auntie

Allie was the first of us to get married!

I always loved an excuse to dress up and be with friends!

Our Senior trip to Austin was great fun!

Really great Senior girls and so happy to call them friends.

Always up for a picnic or time together!

My Senior Spring Break was spent lounging on the beach with my best friend Lindsey!

We shot guns at clay pigeons.

Dancing parties in the Deuce!!

Making our mark before we headed out.

Always a fan of broomball...even if we didn't win.

SGA retreat and taking random pictures with random objects was a weekend of laughter.

More Random objects! :)

REALLY fun weekend in Hot Springs and Mena.

New Years eve at a restaurant that was WAY out of our price range!

We slept out at Chickfila so many times we even know the President!

Bek, My Australian best friend came to stay for a few weeks!!! :)

I got my first Tattoo with Bek.

I love her SO much!

Many productions and ridiculous costumes!

Party Animals!

Fall fest and fun costumes!

We were miserable and in no way wanted to do this parade!

Kendi and I always loved playing in the fire! We have since high school!

SGA/RA Retreat always brought out ridiculous games and lots of laughs!

Ella was born and I just love her so much!

I got to be a part of multiple events with designer Kayne Gillaspie!

Rachel and I with my grandpa at Sara's Wedding...miss him so much!

Tanning is my favorite summer past time!

Stephanie and I participated in multiple ridiculous photo shoots.

In a game of bigger or better with the freshman class we got a porta-potty....which later fell off the truck! At least we won!

This picture fully explains our Junior Class Council.

A fun spring break to Nashville!! :)

Larissa and I made the boys dinner....and the potatoes were more like soup!

This picture is just so funny!!

Ever seen SNU's dress up closet?....we have! :)

One of my greatest her so much!

This is just us!! Jessy is one of the most caring and one of the funniest people I know!

Crystal and I acted like celebrities in New York for our 21st birthdays!

Crystal and I played dress up!

10 chopsticks in McNabbs beard at Cafe Oasis!

Pumpkin became a tradition for Larissa and I for some time!

Dressing up as princesses for Nela's Sisters princess party!

Iceblocking always produced a good time and lots of bruises.

Awesome teammates and our summer memories and summer ever.

I would do it all over again!

We were the fab 5!

All night studying for Clemmer's ridiculous midterm and final!

This is one of my favorite lip syncs decoration wise!

Spring break to Dallas....had to pee SO bad and we were stuck in traffic for miles!

Allie had her very large obsession for Walker Texas Ranger! :)

Pit girls for fight night.

One of the many times I climbed the fountain.

One summer of pure insanity that I would totally do over!

Roller rag....or how we went to class everyday?

Lip Sync Senior year

Greatest group of friends!

I'm not even sure what was happening....but I love this.

Virginia Christmas's are ALWAYS my favorite!

Fun fall break in Amarillo.

A night of playing in the rain.....

and posing in the fountain.....

And jumping in puddles!!

Very Love/Hate Senior Class Council. :)

Sound of Music Lip Sync.

Dobber was in Love with Andrea!

Filling Mike Hartwig's office with Balloons!

We weren't supposed to have paint in Herrick....Bryan Jennings was SO mad at us!

More family to love. :) And I love this picture for so many reasons!

Mud football at BFC

Loved this Junior Class Council.

Anytime I could dress up it was my favorite.

The dungeon became frightening during lip sync and pow wow.

Amazing girl and AMAZING dress! New back in to it!

Gotta Love Walker! We took this for Al!

Spring break in Palm Springs, fun adventures in south central LA and Greyhound buses!

Climbing the water tower at Freshman Class retreat!

As you can see the memories are plentiful and could keep going but I've just included some of my favorite ones! Hope you enjoyed memory lane with me! If a picture is worth 1,000 words....I've just spoken millions! :)


  1. I saw a few faces that I recognize. A couple that I'm related to. Thanks for sharing Laura. I remember you when...

  2. Most of the pictures of me in here are terrible shots of me, but I must say that all of those photos bring back a lot of memories for me- even ones without me in them.

    Oh my... I am blessed to call you a friend of mine! Love you so much, Laura and I can't wait to see where life continues to take us! :)

  3. Wow Laura, that was so fun to look at!! I had forgotten about some of those great times!!