Monday, April 19, 2010

The Book of Awesome and Post Secret

Years ago I started reading the Post Secret website! I read it every Monday morning. I think it's updated on Sundays. For those of you that don't know what it is, it's a website started by Frank Warren a few years ago. People mail him their secrets, he picks out the best ones and updates the site every week with 25-30 new secrets. There are also books compiled of all of these secrets. (I own 2 of them.) I can't describe what it is about reading it but I just love them! I think it's interesting to see what peoples secrets are and sometimes agree with them! Sometimes they're awkward to read at work for fear someone is going to walk in on a secret that is a little too explicit for work! :) Sometimes you just feel connected, or sad for people. It's like a way of "helping" people from across the world. People like knowing there is someone that feels the same way they do!

My next site I am loving right now is 1000 Awesome things! I wish I had known about this one longer. It's already gone through 500 awesome things and I've yet to catch up! I read the days entry and I'm like YES! I LOVE when that happens! It definitely helps you appreciate the little things in life. The book just came out and I've just ordered it on Amazon. CANNOT wait to get it in the mail! :) I'm a pretty open book and don't have many secrets but these are things I think are awesome.

Grabbing a huge pile of hangers to hang up clothes and realizing while hanging the last shirt you have grabbed the perfect number.(image)

Being with friends and laughing until your face hurts, or watching old TV shows.
(Michelle Meisner)

Getting ready in the morning and thinking "Man, I look so good today."


Taking a mini nap in a tanning bed during lunch break.

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  1. Love this! Mainly because the pic about hanging clothes is actually the highlight of alot of my evenings. And I love post secrets!