Friday, March 5, 2010

And my job is what again?

So every Friday I have the Vine, which is our ladies luncheon. Some days they drive me nuts because they're really cranky and complain about everything but today everyone was in a good mood including me!
Everything is going so smoothly, right on time and Mel Kyzer is about to speak.
They start the prayer requests and so I run to the bathroom. I walk in and water is seriously going EVERYWHERE. EVERYWHERE. We have problems with this one middle toilet all the time, but water was coming out and I thought the next flood was coming. Please keep in mind I have my toms on so I'm DEFINITELY NOT stepping in the middle of this small lake. So I turn and open the door and thank goodness Kevin is standing there and he goes in there and shuts it off. So I get the mop and I start to mop it up. Next thing to keep in mind that ROC sucks structurly. Every wall was put up by a volunteer so the floors are uneven and it's just rough. So water starts seeping (at a some what rapid pace) out from under the bathroom walls and in to the hallway. I'm mopping as fast as my little arms can mop. Luckily I have some tennis shoes handy so I put those on.
Now, I don't really mind mopping this up because it obviously has to be done but what made me SO mad was Kevin standing there behind me laughing and telling me this was good for me. He doesn't offer to help even though there is CLEARLY water everywhere and I'm supposed to be running the VINE. I was fuming I was so mad. So after almost an hour of mopping goes by and my bucket is getting fuller, Larry our maintenance man shows up and he's so sweet and was like this is not your job you should not be doing this. DUH! Tell Kevin that. So Larry finishes it all up. It took another little while but we got it all done!
Needless to say I was pretty annoyed with the whole situation and this is just giving me another reason to hate my job more than I already do!
For those of you that were wondering what the water was looking like as I squeezed it from the mop, I've included a picture! :)

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