Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Love My Girls

Last night we had our Senior High sponsor meeting. It's something that I half look forward to. I enjoy seeing everyone but it's also somewhat of a burden that I have to take a couple hours out of my night to be there. I mean...I could be at home watching biggest loser. :)

But as I was sitting there last night Chris just thanked us for everything that we do and went on to talk about how important of an impact we make in our kids lives. It's something I've heard before but something about hearing it last night just clicked with me.

I love my girls SO much. Honestly I feel like there would be a small hole in my life if they were not there. The openness and honesty that we can have with each other warms my heart. Being a part of their lives challenges me to not only live a life of good example for them but to fall more in love with Jesus so that I can share that love with them!

This weekend we're going on Winter Retreat. On Friday afternoon 170 of us will load in to charter buses to make our trek to the cold campground of Sky Ranch. This weekend has been named "The Weekend of Love" one because it's Valentines day weekend, but two because we're going to be talking about love. Not necessarily mushy love, but brotherly love, Agape love. Due to the past situations in my life I feel like this is not only going to be a retreat for them, but it's really going to speak to me and to my heart.

Please pray for all of us this weekend. For safety, for good times, for our hearts.

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  1. you're going to miss out on our 'JUST DANCE' par-tay!!