Monday, March 5, 2012

Weight Loss

Here's the thing.  I don't think I'm super overweight.  Yes, I have gained those few extra pounds over the years and not to mention the many more that I gained after falling blissfully in love, but according to the height vs. weight chart I should be at LEAST 20 pounds smaller than I, that's my goal!

3 weeks ago I did it.  I joined Weight Watchers.

I'm going to meetings on Tuesdays at 7AM...yes it's early, but yes, I need the accountability.  My mom is doing it with me too!  I'm glad she is because if not I think I would just give up!

When I sat in that first meeting I was super overwhelmed.  I had seen my mom do Weight Watchers a few times over the years but the idea was just so foreign to me.

Once I caught on, it all became so much easier and now I'm able to easily be like oh that's 3 points without having to look up things on my phone!

So, in the last 3 weeks, this is what I've realized.

1. I don't really want to lose weight just to lose it.  I've realized I just need to be a more healthier version of myself...not worrying about what the scale number is.

2. Some people in these meetings have SERIOUS food addictions.

3. My favorite Sandwich a Schlotzsky's (Small Original) is 15 points!..Won't be eating that anytime soon.

4. 12 M&M's = 1... YAY!

5. Now that I'm filling my body with things that are better for me (more fruits and veggies) I'm not hungry randomly in the afternoon anymore.

6. My clothes already feel a little bit loose!

7. You get these "extra" points to eat every day and can even gain activity points but I feel like they're cheating a little bit....I just try to stick to my 26!

So far I've lost just a little over 5 pounds...I weigh in again in the morning, so we'll see where it goes from there!!

Anyone else do Weight Watchers and have any tips?


  1. Jim has lost over 100 lbs. on WW. I lost 30. Jim knows tons of tricks and little recipes that he has learned in the WW community.

    Lori Smith

    1. I love it! I'm just almost to the 15 minute mark. I could probably be a little more proactive about it but it's worked great for me!!