Wednesday, January 4, 2012

While the Husband was away.....

Last weekend my Husband went to Greenbay to the Packers game with my Dad and Brother Bryan.  We've never spent New Years Eve together.  I know it's not a huge deal but it's one of those things where you want to kiss the love of your life! :)

I was busy doing many things while he was gone including make a couple little crafts!

I made this I love you Because.... frame for our bathroom!  I've already written him a couple of messages.  It's fun because he gets up before me in the mornings so it's fun for him to read before work!
It's super easy to make.  Our bathroom is pretty simple but we have green and hounds-tooth towels for pops of fun.
I just got a frame I had, hounds-tooth paper and covered it with a soft green velum.  I copied the words on to the velum.  Then I used twill and just rolled the flowers and hot glued them on.  It seriously took me maybe 30minutes.
Next I used aluminum foil and covered the wooden "K"  I'm not sure where I'm going to put it yet. It's currently sitting on our dresser waiting for direction.
For this I bought the K at Hobby Lobby.  I then put it face down on the foil to see how much I would need.  Then I put mod podge on the front of the letter and pressed the foil down.  Then I just turned up the edges.  This was  little hard because it wanted to rip.  I made sure you couldn't see most of the wood on the sides.  After I mod podged it on I just ran black paint over it for a subtle effect and to cover the areas where the wood was showing through!  EASY!
One of my new goals this year is to craft more!  I've gotta decide what my next project will be!

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