Sunday, January 1, 2012

A Little Recap and a Fresh New Year!

It's so crazy to me that 2011 is OVER! It was a crazy whirlwind year and has come and gone so quickly.  As I was writing my new years resolutions for this next year I was thinking about all that has happened in 2011! I've been really bad at blogging so I'll do a quick recap!

We got baby Millie and I turned 25! 25 seemed like a blah age to me but it turned out to be a fantastic year! Millie is an energetic 1 year old Yellow Lab that keeps me on my toes!  She may drive me nuts and leave yellow hair all over my house but I wouldn't trade her for anything!
Brian and I also took our engagement pics on my birthday, right after we got Millie and this was our first family picture!
Brian officially moved to OKC which meant no more driving back and forth to Chickasha 4 times a week.  The new Pioneer Store opened on 39th and Council and it's doing great!
March flew by and was mainly spent getting ready for our wedding.  We had multiple showers and parties and I spent my free time getting all of our gifts organized in to our house!
WEDDING MONTH!!!!!!!!!!!  Even though I had to wait until the 29th I felt like this month flew by.  I kept a good countdown on my wall and work and because of all of my over time I was able to take two weeks off of was wonderful.
Our wedding was so much fun and lots of friends and family came in from all over the USA.  We shared our wedding day with the Royal couple but I think ours was still the best.
We spent the first week in May on our honeymoon in Mexico at the El Dorado Resort.  Seriously...go there.  We LOVED it.  May was busy with the wrap of school at SNU and learning to live with one another...which was a fun task!
June and July.
These months were spent like any other summer months.  We spent lots of time at the pool and at the lake and in the sun as much as possible.  I'm a sun baby...I can't get enough of it! It was also Brian's 24th birthday in June!
On a weekend trip to Ponca City we did a whole lot of fishing but I lost my pole in to the lake after a strong wind caught my chair and pole and threw it in to the water.  Brian saved the chair, but the pole....RIP.  We stayed in the city for the 4th of July (I haven't done that in years) and we watched the fireworks from up in a boom at about a great way to enjoy!
Back to school meant busy times for me as always.  At the end of the August I was approached by the new Admissions Director to Switch positions to Admissions and Serve as the Special Events Coordinator/BFC Recruiter.  It took a little over a month and I made the switch in October...I LOVE by job!

I can't really think of anything super exciting happening in September. Just the fair like always and lots of OU football games! I was wrapping up my job in Media Strategies and getting ready for my sweet niece to arrive.  You can see her sweet baby shower here.
Busy.  That was this month.  I began my new job at the first of the month and it kept me crazy busy just trying to learn a whole new set of things...but like I said, LOVE it.
Brian's cousin Garrett had surgery on his legs and was in Children's Hospital for a few days.  I tweeted Kevin Durant and he came and surprised Garrett.  It was seriously the sweetest moment EVER and I really admire him for coming to visit.
My sweetie baby niece Lillie Raelyn was born on October 15th.  She has beautiful dark hair and chunky cheeks and I literally want to squeeze her every time I see her!
My first big Event at SNU, College Days, was a huge success!
My brother was also crowned Homecoming King at SNU.  Such a fun weekend for my family.
Millie turned 1 on November 23rd.  We had a little party for her and I made some special cookies...she loved them.
That bring us to where we just were.  December went by fast just like all the others.  We were busy with Christmas Parties and dividing Christmas between all of our families.  We're down 5 and still have 1 more to go!  We spent Christmas in Virginia with my dads family and I loved it as always!
So here we go on to a new year!  I've made a list of 12 things I'd like to do this year.  Some will be easier than others.  Some will take a few life adjustments but I know if I try had they can all be done.

1. Lose 20 Pounds.
(Even if you can't tell that's how much I've gained since my wedding.  Must. Get. It. Off.)
2. Read the Entire Bible.
3. Send Birthday Cards/Write more letters

4. Love Brian as much as a I can and be a good wife.
5. Try new recipes
6. Redecorate our Bedroom
7. Read more Books.
8. Do not let Laundry pike up.
9. Do more Crafts.
10. Spend more time outside.
11. Journal Everyday in my cute new journal.
12. Save More Money

I'm also going to try REALLY hard to Blog more this year...but with that list above when am I going to have time?

Happy New Year!!!

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