Monday, November 29, 2010

I'm Engaged!!!

It's hard to believe but I've got one really fun sparkly ring on my finger. I think I'm still in shock and it's been two days!

Saturday was SUCH a surprise to me! It started out as such a normal day to me. I got up and worked about 3 hours at American Eagle, I did some Christmas shopping, I took a nap, and watched The Last Song. I had even planned to go to Buffalo Wild Wings after horse riding to see some friends that were in town!

Brian has been saying for awhile that he wanted to go out and go horseback riding together. So, he told me a couple weeks ago that one of the Pioneer managers knew a lady in Guthrie that had horses and he hooked us up to go and ride. YAY for riding horses.

So, he gets to my house about 3:00 after coming in to town from Lawton. I thought we were going to head out to Guthrie has soon as we got there but he said we weren't going to leave until close to 4:00. I thought that was kinda weird because it takes 45minutes to get out there and it was going to be getting dark. But Brian was good in all of his lies through this whole thing and told me that she wasn't going to be ready until later and he knew I wasn't going to want to ride too long since it would be getting cold.

So, I went in to change out of my sweats in to jeans and a sweater and I was going to put on what Brian had tagged long ago as my "horse riding boots" but he didn't want me to wear those just to wear my regular ones so I didn't do too much arguing. (This was because he knew I'd be mad wearing my junky ones later in the evening.)

We drove out to Guthrie to this little farm house in the middle of nowhere and got on the horses. I was on a pretty white horse with crimped hair and pink tail. We rode around for about an hour and it was hard staying together because the horses didn't want to be next to one another.

Jayla with our Horses

So I finally got to a point where I was really cold. I had put on my gloves and the hood of my jacket. The sun had set and it was getting colder outside. Brian asked if I was ready to go and I was like yeah. So we got off the horses and went to put them in this barn.

Brian was struggling trying to get this door open. I even asked if I needed to go get the lady to help him come and open it. All of a sudden he swings the door back and I see lots of twinkle lights and the horses go running in to the barn.

Then it all just happened so fast Brian was on his knee and he was saying stuff that I don't really remember and I was like "Are you Serious?" and I was in such shock that I didn't answer him right away I just kept kissing him over and over and he was like, "so it that as yes?" and I said, "Yes" so....then he was my fiance!

He's so hot!

My parents were there with my friend Larissa and they took some pictures of us and my hand was shaking! It was SO fun and I was totally surprised!

Me and Larissa!

We went back to my house for a big engagement party with all of our friends and families!

I Love these people!

I'm just so blessed to have Brian in my life. He is my best friend in the whole entire world and I cannot image a day without him!! He's moving here in February and I am so excited to start our life together!!

God has just truly blessed me and I couldn't be more thankful!!


  1. i love your smile in all of the pictures!!! you look so so happy!!!!!! congratulations!!!

  2. So excited for you!! You two are a gorgeous couple!! Enjoy this time, you'll be a married woman before you know it!!!

  3. So excited for you sweet cousin! I love you and we are all so happy for you!

  4. I think you could possibly take down your "search for mr. right" blog now...or better yet, make it an awesome momento of your coming years together. :) LOVE!