Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Life Lately.

It seems are though I completely fell off of the blog scene when I got engaged...my mind just became interested in other things! I got back on today and realized how much I love reading and learning about people and things that are important in their life!

Lately you'd think my life would be consumed with wedding things but it really isn't at all. Sure I think about little things every day but it's not controlling my thoughts and I know that I haven't done probably half of the things that I need to be doing!

I've always wanted a HUGE beautiful wedding with all the works and it's getting to that point but I really just long to be married, maybe we should have just eloped!

Brian is here full time now which means I get to see his sweet face everyday! It's been so fun coming home to him and getting to cook and eat dinner with him and take care of our new baby Millie but when 10:30 or so rolls around and we have to say goodbye it just sucks!

We only have 94 days left and I couldn't be happier!!! I'm so stinkin' ready to be Mrs. Kessler!!

Feel free to visit our wedding website!!!

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