Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Ruffle Wreath

I try to be crafty and sometimes whatever I'm choosing to make turns out really rough, and other times it ends up super cute.  I'm happy to say that this is one of those times that I was pleased with the outcome.

Since I got married I've been trying to make lots of little changes and incorporating the letter "K" in to things in our home.

I love having a wreath on our front door.  I think it adds a little something to our porch and makes the house seem more welcoming.  I had put a mossy green wreath with an orange bow up a few months ago but I knew it was time for something more, plus it was my same one from last summer.

I came across a wreath online similar to this and I fell in love!!!!  It was super easy to make.  I'm not great a tutorials but I'll try my best so you can make one of these too! :)

What you need:
                A wreath form (I used a 14inch)
                Chiffon fabric: 1 yard for the wreath and 1/4 yard for the flowers.
                Felt, one sheet
                The Letter of your choice
                Tools:  Straight pins, rotary cutter and mat; sewing machine and thread; glue gun and glue sticks; paint sponge.

How to make the wreath:
1. Fold your fabric in half.  Cut chiffon into 2.5 inch wide strips.  Use more fabric for a fuller look.
2. Sew a gathering stitch (the longest straight stitch setting on your sewing machine) down the center of the fabric strips. (It doesn't have to be perfect) For the flowers, stitch along the edge of the strips. 
3. Pull the bobbin thread on one end of your strip, gathering fabric to make a ruffle.  (You can make them tight or loose.  Mine were pretty loose) Continue, until the entire strip is ruffled.  Repeat until all strips are ruffled.

4. Pin one end of a ruffled strip to the back of the wreath form.  Wrap the ruffled strip around the wreath and slightly overlap.

5. Secure the end with a straight pin, and begin a new ruffle right where you left off.  Keep doing this until the whole wreath is covered!

Flowers, these are a little tricky!
Cut a 2-inch circle out of felt.  Hand-stitch the ruffled strip to the circle beginning in the middle of the circle and stitching in a spiral pattern to the outside. (This wasn't my favorite part, my first one was a little rough.)  Then sew the button to the center of the flower.

Next I took my painted letter and hot glued it on to the wreath.  I tried to get it on the wreath form but you don't want to move the ruffles too much.  Next I hot glued the flowers in to place.  I also secured them with 2 pins JUST TO BE SAFE since It was hot glued to the chiffon.

Then, cut a long piece of ribbon, tie it in a bow, hang it on your door and TA-DA....a summer-time front door! :)

So now my front porch is colorful and ready for a warm and sunny summer!!!

I think a colorful pillow may be in the works for the bench......we'll see! :)

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