Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Less than 10

After 12 weeks I've finally hit over 15 pounds of weight loss!

It hasn't been the easiest and there were a couple of weeks when I wanted to cuss at gaining .4 pounds! But it's such a good feeling to have that extra baggage off!  :)

I've averaged about 1.2 pounds a week which is very much within the Weight Watchers guidelines.  It's crazy that just losing a few pounds can make you feel so much better.  I crave fruit and not cookies and I'm constantly drinking water, even though I didn't drink much pop before.

I've lost enough weight that all of my old pants are a little too big, but I don't want to buy new ones.  I'm hoping to have dropped 3 sizes by the time I'm done!

I've got a little less than 10 pounds left which seems like such a huge task, but taking my average should take me about 2 more months!  I'm hoping to be at a 25 pound loss by my friends wedding in August!

It's kinda fun for people to say oh wow.... you're looking really skinny!  I just think OH YAY!!  It's been happening a lot more the past 2 weeks as it becomes much more evident I'm dropping the pounds.

You can really see it in my face!

The picture on the left is from Christmas, a little over a month before I started weight watchers.  The one on the right is one I took this past weekend at Storm Surge.  See how my cheeks aren't as full?
But all in all it's ultimately not about the weight loss.... it's creating at healthier you and even if I struggle to get to that 25 loss mark I will tell myself that I have made choices and lifestyle changes that are for a healthier me!

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